MacPeople Recruitment.

MacPeople has a growth ambition for the business, and a strong foundation of reputation and brand legacy on which to build. They have developed an ethos and resulting customer experience that is distinctive and positive. However, it was not coming through clearly in their existing brand and communications.

Brandd was asked to explore the opportunity space in the recruitment market for Macpeople to reposition as the brand that is both specialist and innovative/creative – and not limited to ‘creative skill’ roles, instead expanding its core strengths to the creative innovative mindset and capability that business today demands.

Research | Brand architecture | Strategy | Visual identity design & creative development | Brand guidelines | Customer journey mapping & experience design | Business collateral | Brochures | Copywriting | Content creation | Website design | Merchandise 

“Thank you Brandd for your patience and support in bringing this identity to life!”
Philip Goldstein​
Director and Senior Consultant