TRUStix is an ongoing project developed with Yarno, specialist in moble microlearning. Microlearning, as the name suggests, is learning delivered in small doses. It works through the translation of dry ‘codes of conduct’, processes and procedures into accessible, engaging, bite-sized learning, with rewards and in-built gamification along the way. The content is customised to the audience and the platform makes learning fun, while not down-playing the seriousness of the content.

Gamified training incentivises and sustains engagement by promoting friendly competition and rewarding learners for performance, participation and improvement. And Yarno’s mobile platform is accessible from any device – anywhere, anytime.

Tix is the character who guides you through the program. Tix comes to life in tailoring the content to each set of users – and building user rapport, giving TRUSTix a human face and a friendly personality.

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