2 years in to a 5-year transformation program, AMP senior executives needed to improve employee engagement and understanding of the program and the process.
Although there was buy-in to the higher purpose (customer centricity) people were feeling overwhelmed by complexity. At a business level, it was a challenge to describe what was happening, and help people understand what was landing, when and why and the impact this would have on them.
As partner and strategy director at Protocol Global Consulting, Adrienne was a key member of the team that delivered a program of analysis, insight and strategy development, and subsequent creative that would resolve this issue for AMP. Culminating in the visual elements shown.
The result was the design and digital development of an interactive ‘roadmap’ that incorporated all 7 strategies, and the over 147 programs and initiatives into a single, clear and simple digital platform. We created a ‘brand’ and information architecture for users to easily navigate and use the platform.
Deliverables included executive briefing kit, user guide, internal marketing, and environment graphics. The roadmap was so successful in engaging employees with transformation, at an individual and team level, that AMP included it in the Amplify showcase as an example of innovation.
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