Building brands of distinction.

We work with your business to identify the characteristics that differentiate your brand or organisation and provide clarity and relevance that delivers value aligned to your strategy.

We have deep expertise in simplifying complexity and crafting unique solutions that successfully engage audiences through internal culture transformation and external customer communications.

/brand/ n a particular identity or image regarded as an asset.
/di'stiŋ(k)∫(ɘ)n/ n excellence that sets someone or something apart from others.
We deliver clear and unexpectedly
fresh communications that engage
audiences at all touchpoints,
forging deeper relationships with
your customers and employees.

Research | Brand audit | Brand architecture | Strategy | Name development | Visual identity design & creative development | Customer journey mapping & experience design | Rich media creative & production | Copywriting | Animation | Environment design & wayfinding | Brand & product packaging | Employee engagement & transformation programs | Content & channel strategy | Content creation | Digital & social platforms, website and app design | SEO, analytics and best practice.

We believe the best work is
created in collaboration. With
insight to your business purpose,
we apply our experience and
intelligent innovation most
effectively. Together we build the
solution that is right for you, your
brand and business.



Jamie has been a key member of award-winning design teams in Australia and the UK for over 25 years in the role of creative and design director. Jamie’s success stems from his ability to turn information into a meaningful brand experience through deep and insightful exploration along with a deep understanding of the client’s audience, needs, and opportunities. Dedication to the craft of design and connection to contemporary culture drive Jamie’s passion for brand creation and strategic visual communication and its expression in traditional mediums, environment and digital UX. He has designed and produced meaningful brands and communications for world renowned businesses and organisations in all industry sectors.

Full service team:

We create bespoke teams around each project, providing an end-to-end service. From research and strategy; creative development and expression; through to brand implementation and launch on digital, physical and traditional platforms. Employee engagement and cultural alignment so you live the brand. Internal workshops & toolkits for effective brand management.


The work and clients referenced, includes projects that represent our personal professional experience. It displays how we have led and successfully delivered world-class programs of work for national, global brands and agencies in all sectors of the economy and society both in Australia and internationally. We bring this multi-dimensional experience to your project, plus the passion, drive and energy that gets business to the next level.