We’re about great brands

what we do

A great brand is your most powerful asset. We are brand specialists with a passion for strategically-led creative thinking. Over the past 25 years we’ve worked hard to create commercial advantages for brands, large and small.

We have specific expertise and an outstanding track record of client success in:

  • Creating brands that give start-ups the ‘legs’ they need to convince investors and engage early-adopters.
  • Repositioning and relaunching brands that need to adapt, change and connect with new audiences.
  • Naming and brand identity development that is brave, pushes boundaries and delivers results.
  • Identifying and exploiting the most valuable opportunity space in an addressable market.
  • Information design and simplified communications, translating complexity into clear, effective engaging communications.
  • Transformation and change management with ideas-led communications that shift mindsets and drive cultural change.
  • Digital platforms that audit knowledge and deliver effective attitude and behaviour change through micro-learning and gamification.
  • International experience: almost a decade of work in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, UK, Scandinavia, and New Zealand in addition to more than 25 years in Australasia, has given us the insights, knowledge and networks essential to successfully positioning your brand for consumers outside Australia.

who we are

Working with Brandd you meet and work with the people who actually do the work. This direct contact means ideas flow more freely, which is important as great brands need great opinions.

Adrienne Bateup-Carlson Founder & Strategy Director

Adrienne has led brand strategy, development and marketing programs in: Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, UK, Scandinavia, and Australasia, working in leadership positions with multinational agencies and brands. As founder of successful specialist agency Brand by Voice, acquired by Imagination Plc, she understands the entrepreneurial mindset, and is able to work successfully with early stage business and entrepreneurs, as well as established brands applying the ‘big agency’ disciplines that drive success. With an instinct for the ‘right idea’ and the ability to define the market opportunity, Adrienne’s work is always focused on results.

Jamie Lamshed Founder & Design Director

Jamie has been a key member of award-winning design teams in Australia and the UK for over 25 years in the role of creative and design director. Jamie’s success stems from his ability to turn information into a meaningful brand experience through deep and insightful exploration and understanding of the client’s audience, needs, and opportunities. Dedication to the craft of design and connection to contemporary culture drive Jamie’s passion for brand creation and strategic visual communication and its expression in traditional mediums, environment and digital UX. He has designed and produced brands and communications for world renowned businesses and organisations in all industry sectors.

Full-service team

We create bespoke teams around each project, providing an end-to-end service. From research and strategy; creative development and expression; through to brand implementation and launch on digital, physical and traditional platforms. Employee engagement and cultural alignment so you live the brand. Internal workshops & toolkits for effective brand management.

Specialist expertise

Research | Brand audit | Brand architecture | Strategy | Name development | Visual identity design & creative development | Customer journey mapping & experience design | Rich media creative & production | Copywriting | Animation | Environment design & wayfinding | Brand & product packaging | Employee engagement & transformation programs | Content & channel strategy | Content creation | Digital & social platforms, website and app design | SEO, analytics and best practice.


The work and clients referenced, includes some great projects that represent our personal professional experience. It displays how we have led and successfully delivered world-class programs of work for national, global brands and agencies in all sectors of the economy and society both in Australia and internationally.

We bring this multi-dimensional experience to your project, plus the passion, drive and energy that gets business to the next level.

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