A great business idea needs a brand strategy to successfully engage it’s markets. In late 2020 the Founder, CEO and Board of SplitPay had an innovative business idea for the fast-growing fintech BNPL space. The technology platform was built to deliver an MVP and the new business planned to launch in early 2021 at a key industry event in the UK. However, lack of brand strategy was holding the business back.

A new business needs more than a quick logo! If you can’t explain your point of difference clearly and succinctly, and the niche you’re targeting in a hugely competitive market isn’t crystal clear – it’s hard to excite partners and investors.

Our team was appointed to resolve this problem. A brand strategy was quickly developed, based on desk research, consumer insights and a good look at the emerging competitors. The Swedish brand Klarna was growing fast, and AfterPay from Australia was emerging as a market-leader. SplitPay was positioned as a niche brand focusing on a key consumer and retailer need – avoiding the head-to-head competition with established brands focused on fast moving fashion and instant consumer gratification.

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